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20th Century Girl.

So, just a bit of info!

For the sake of reference, the song Claire is covering is 20th Century Boy, by T-Rex/Marc Bolan.

This song has informed a lot of the aesthetic, mood, and development of Claire. Glam rock, with it’s gender-bending, gender nonconformity, and mixture of glamour and grunge, narrative and mystery, image and emotion, has been a huge influence on me in general, and numerous things related to it will show up in future updates.

The cover of the song by Placebo is especially important, both to me and the creative process behind Somnus.



This is in large part due to it’s role in the film Velvet Goldmine, which itself has informed a great deal about this story, but I’ll be pointing that out later as those pages get posted.



It all connects with a certain set of intersections of music, genre, music cultures, fashion, a particular queer experience, and the general anachronistic vibe of Somnus, which is fusing elements and aesthetics of several time periods to create an alternate present (kind of like how Batman:The Animated Series created a kind of alternate art-deco 40’s that was nonetheless the present, as to when it was released).