Height; 5’10

Gender; Trans girl.

Sexuality; Lesbian.

Species; Human.

Occupation; synth player and electronic elements of Lost Stars. Builds instruments for the band. Manager as-needed. Electrical engineer.

Likes: synthesizers, retrogaming, vintage Japanese PC’s, building and repairing things, 80’s cars, industrial music, Wax Trax records, Rick Owens.

Dislikes: most modern gaming, gamers in general, extremely sad sentimental music, techbros, things being shoddily made.

Rio is the keyboard player and electronic aspect of Lost Stars. She has an extensive collection of vintage and modern synthesizers, as well as number of instruments she has modified or created entirely herself. She also enjoys repairing vintage videogame systems, and has set up a large game room in the house the band shares. Despite being highly technically oriented, she tends to dislike most current tech and videogame culture and the people in it.

Rio is one of Claire’s lovers, and is one of the people who take on a somewhat maternal role for her when she has difficulties in life.

She is highly dedicated to the band, and often handles many of the behind the scenes work, such as promotion, handling the practice space, etc.