Age; 25.

Height; 6’0

Gender; nonbinary.

Sexuality; Bisexual, demi-ish.

Species; Incubus.

Occupation; bass player for Lost Stars. Teaches music classes at UCLA. Teaches bass and guitar (modern and classical) for hire.

Likes: Guitars, westernwear, dreams, westerns, Ennio Morricone, sharpshooting, baking, psychedelic rock, 90’s goth rock.

Dislikes: cold weather, sleep deprivation, people being too loud, the general sound of laughter, annoying smug faculty.

Cassidy is the most musically experienced member of Lost Stars, having extensive knowledge of various string instruments, as well as a clear preference towards certain genre types. They were one of the people who initially taught claire how to play guitar.

They teach at UCLA, and is a favorite faculty member among students, in part due to a desire to accommodate various peoples needs.

Cassidy is a friendly and somewhat cheerful person, though somewhat to the point. Cassidy also prefers facilitating group discussions and giving everyone a chance to voice their concerns.
As an Incubus, Cassidy has some influence over the dreams of those near him, and often uses this ability to keep Claire safe from the more intense and unusual nightmares that have begun to terrorize her.