Age; 29.

Height; 6’2

Gender; Trans girl.

Sexuality; Pansexual, leans towards femmes.

Species; Human (?)

Occupation; vocalist and guitarist for “Lost Stars”. College student. Seeking additional employment.

Major: History.

Likes: History, reading, classic punk, 80’s hair metal, cooking, Hedi Slimane, coffee shops, chocolate croissants, strict maternal figures.

Dislikes: herself, lack of ambition, anxiety, uncertainty, feeling like the wreck she is, not knowing how to balance feeling vulnerable with being confident, body hair of any kind.

Claire is the frontgirl, vocalist, and guitarist for newly formed band Lost Stars.

She is also trying to find her way after a few mishaps in life have left her vulnerable and slightly broken. She is in the process of trying to balance her life as a new, non-traditional (late entry) college student with her artistic ambitions and her possibly complex social life.

Unfortunately for her, and currently unbeknownst, she is an important figure in some extremely bad things that are about to happen, and have been brewing behind the scenes for some time.